EINBLICK / Insight

A short film by Emma Braun
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Length: 20′

>>> shot on 16 mm <<<

„Sophie works as a chimney sweep in Austria. This is no ordinary profession for a woman, as this atmospheric black-and-white documentary shows. In voice-over, Sophie calmly talks about her experiences in a normal working day. At the same time, we follow her through one such day—leaving the house, taking the bus, changing out of heels into working boots and proficiently wielding the chimney brush in a variety of environments.

The shots are carefully composed and framed, sometimes becoming a virtually abstract interplay of lines. The calmness of the film and Sophie’s almost-laconic narrative style make a stark contrast with the issues she encounters on a daily basis, from the unconscious everyday sexism of male colleagues and customers to downright threatening situations. Yet she doesn’t see this as a reason to give up her job for a more conventional one. She finds an inventive solution to every problem, and enjoys the conversations and deep connections she can make with her clients.“ © IDFA Catalogue Text;


Festival Selection:

1. Diagonale – Festival des Österreichischen Films (Austria, April 2022)

2. Linz International Short Film Festival (Austria, October 2022) – Best Austrian Film

3. Kurz.Film.Zuckerl (Austria, Oktober 2022)

4. 39. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest (Germany, November 2022)

5. DOXS Ruhr (Germany, November 2022)

6. IDFA Amsterdam (Netherlands, November 2022)

7. Gijon International Filmfestival (Spain, November 2022)

8. Beijing International Short Film Festival (China, November 2022)

9. Olympia International Film Festival (Greece, December 2022)

10. Lyon 99 media (France, January 2023) 

11. Filmfest Dresden (Germany, April 2023) 

12. Porto Femme (Portugal, April 2023) 

13. Sehnsüchte 52nd international student film festival (Germany, April 2023) 

14. Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival (Serbia, Mai 2023)